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Fall Skincare Routine

Treat yourself to this hydrating skincare routine perfect for cool, dry Autumn weather.
1. Switch to a thicker moisturizer
Because of environmental changes, switching to a thicker moisturizer is important, especially before bed. We need to compensate for the change by adding more moisture to the skin. As we sleep our skin is vulnerable to trans-epidermal water loss, this is moisture escaping from our skin through a compromised barrier. Adding 1-4 pumps of UltraViolet's Lipid Drench Luxury Facial Oil Accelerator to your favorite moisturizer at night can add additional moisture to your routine. It not only protects your lipid barrier but is loaded with phyto nutrients and Vitamins A, C, D, and E. Or switch to our anti-aging, firming peptide moisturizer; Indensity Volume Recovery Cream. Loaded with Omegas 3, 6, 7 and 9, cell signaling and firming peptides and niacinamide to restructure the epidermal barrier and energize the skin.
2. Add an eye cream and lip moisturizer
If these two things weren’t already a part of your skincare regimen, they should be during the cooler months. Just as you should switch to a thicker moisturizer adding these products to moisturize your lips and the skin around your eyes is equally as important. These areas do not produce oils like the rest of your face so it is crucial to add it to your routine. The shift in weather can cause these delicate areas to become very dry and show advanced signs of aging. Use these UltraViolet favorites, Lip Reform and Revital Illuminating Eye Cream. Not only do they add moisture, they plump, smooth lines and wrinkles, brighten and lift.
3. Switch up your use of Exfoliants and Retinoids
For dry or sensitive skin reduce the use of exfoliants and retinoids; the reason for this, again, has to do with the drier and colder weather. Humidity and warm temperatures usually buffer the irritating effects of topical retinoids and exfoliants, typically because of increased oiliness of the skin. A couple ways we can combat this in the fall is to add your retinol to your moisturizer (equal ratio) for that buffering effect or dial back to a phyto retinoid like our Phyto Retinol Radiance renewal Complex. This plant based retinol is gentle enough for all skin types and can be used all year round, without redness, irritation or peeling. For normal to oily skin, you can continue with your current retinol usage, making sure you are adding moisturizer after. Or combine 1 pump of Phyto Retinol and 1 pump of retinol, blend and apply evening only. This super charged blend will help you age in reverse without irritation in the fall.
4. Keep Wearing Sunscreen
While UV radiation is greater during the summer months, it’s still present throughout all four seasons. Sunscreen should be used at all times rain or shine. It helps reduce the damaging rays of the sun and slows the aging process. UV radiation exposure not only ages the skin it increases the risk of skin cancer. Wear an SPF 30 at all times, and make sure it is separate from your makeup. We rarely wear makeup heavy enough to get the full SPF rating. Remember to reapply every 90 minutes, especially during outdoor activities.
5. Add Vitamin C
Vitamin C is one of my essential products picks for everyone. It works double duty in the colder months and helps combat UV rays that aren’t fully blocked by your sunscreen. It not only bathes the skin with antioxidants, which helps protect the skin and slow the aging process. It also evens skin pigmentation and helps to boost collagen production resulting in a brighter complexion. UltraViolet's c3+e Cell Protecting Vitamin C Complex is a blend of three forms of Vitamin C and three forms of Vitamin E creating a reservoir of vitamins at all levels that helps visibly repair years of sun damage within weeks.
6. Add Hyaluronic Acid for Weightless Moisture
We've sealed the lipid barrier with a heavier moisturizer but what about beneath the surface? Hyaluronic acid is what gives our skin that bounce. As we age we lose the natural hyaluronic acid found in the skin, this makes the skin look thin and crepey. To intensely hydrate at a cellular level and bind moisture to the skin add hyaluronic acid to your fall routine. It holds 1000x weight in water, visibly plumping on contact. Our Formula 28 Perfector is 5x more powerful then hyaluronic acid alone, holding 5000x its weight in water with Chinese Silver Ear Mushroom and a skin correcting beta glucan complex.
7. Add a Humidifier into the mix
Along with your regular skincare regimen, I suggest investing in a humidifier during the fall and winter to boost hydration at home. Humidifiers add moisture to the air, the more moisture in the air, the more moisture it’ll share with your skin. I recommend sleeping with one in your room every night. Not only will your skin be more hydrated and moist, so will your sinuses and throat. Reducing your chance of getting sick during the colder months and cold and flu season.
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