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a deep cleansing and hydrating express facial that delivers long-term
 benefits. offering instant results with no downtime or irritation and is suitable for all skin types. customized serum infusions for anti-aging or acne and a mask with mini LED phototherapy treatment

(30 mins)

the same invigorating infusing facial treatment with customized serum infusions for anti-aging or acne. but this thorough facial includes steam, painless vortex extractions, massage, and a mask with a full LED treatment. instantly revitalizing your skin!

(60 mins)

a deep cleansing facial, covering all the basics. including, scrub, steam, ultrasonic extractions, essential oils, neck and shoulder massage, and mask.

(60 mins)

a deep cleansing facial, including a level 1 skin smoothing and brightening peel, steam, smoothing enzyme treatment, ultrasonic extractions, essential oils, facial massage, custom mask, eye mask, and hand and arm massage.

(75 mins)

this advanced facial is completely customized and includes most modalities we offer. technology and luxury meet, offering immediate results. includes a custom skin smoothing level 1 peel, facial massage with essential oils, hand and arm massage, NuFACE micro-current treatment, LED light therapy, and finishing with a soothing and nourishing oxygen therapy treatment.

(105 mins)

infusing the skin with pure oxygen reduces the effects of aging by stimulating regeneration of new cells and the production of collagen and elastin. this treatment propels pure oxygen and nutrients deep into the skin, revealing immediate results.

(75 mins)

this luxurious treatment propels pure oxygen and nutrients into the skin. promoting healing, hydration, and collagen production. great for aging or acneic skin. add on to any facial or skincare treatment for $50.

(20 mins)

mild to moderate acne, including LED light therapy.

(90 mins)

moderate to severe acne, including LED light therapy and/or micro phototherapy acne treatment.

(105 mins)

diamond tip or crystals with a mini LED light therapy treatment

(30 mins)

the essential facial with microdermabrasion.

(90 mins)

the essential facial with the smoothing and polishing power of enzymes. enzymes digest dead cells to to brighten the skin without irritation. perfect for all skin types, including sensitive and rosacea skin.

(70 mins)

the perfect lunchtime treatment or for those short on time. a deep cleansing, including steam, face massage and mask.

(45 mins)

the essential facial for your back

(75 mins)

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