Bright skin for a Bright New Year!

Topping the list of most common concerns we hear from clients about their skin is lack of brightness or radiance. Here at UltraViolet Skincare, we are ALL about that GLOW! One of the best things you can do for your skin is feed it with Vitamin C. Be aware though, not all Vitamin C products are created equal. You want to find a Vitamin C product that is formulated with Tetrahexyldecyl or THD ascorbate. If it does not have it, you don’t want it!

A lot of Vitamin C products in the market claim potent levels of Vitamin C (15% or 20%) but these forms of Vitamin C are unstable and water soluble which means most of the product breaks down quickly before your skin has a chance to absorb it. We have good news though! UltraViolet’s Vitamin C3+E Cell Protecting Complex has this specific form of Vitamin C!

It also has three forms of Vitamin E which stabilize the Vitamin C and allows it to sink deeper into the skin, thus making it more effective.

Inside this formulation are also Rosehip seed oil and Sunflower seed oil which are both high in linoleic acid. These are not only great for anti-aging but they also break down blackheads and clogged pores.

Have you ever had your Vitamin C turn brown and smelly? Has it caused irritation? If so, it has most likely oxidized (broken down) over time. More good news!, ours won’t! Our formulation is stable and will stay potent for up to two years when stored properly and deliver results.

This is one of Marci’s musts in almost every skincare routine. Who doesn’t want a fresh new GLOW for the New Year? We think everyone does…

Here’s hope for a bright New Year!

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UltraViolet Skincare

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