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It is an uncertain time here today...

We're all feeling it, the collective tension surrounding us. I’ll admit, I’ve felt a lot the things with this election. Nervousness, stress, resistance, anxiety, uncertainty, fear. For the most part I don't dwell on things that cause me stress. But even with that being said I’ve had to ground myself and reground myself over and over again. There are so many things swirling around in the world and my life that can knock me off course if I let them. Focusing on what I am grateful for and what I want helps keep me centered. I’m in a good place but of course I will be tapping into these techniques to release stress today and the coming days and weeks ahead. Life is uncertain, but the truth is life has ALWAYS been uncertain. The only certainty we have is what we choose to focus on, the actions we choose to take, the decisions we choose to make, and how we respond to everything that life is throwing our way. Here are a few things to help you through today and any time you are feeling off balance and stressed. 1.BREATHE: Take a few moments to inhale deep belly breaths through the mouth and out of the mouth. Set a timer for 5 minutes to get the full benefits of a mini session. 2.VISUALIZATION: One of my favorite things to do is visualization! Our consciousness is always creating the world around us. Take a few minutes to visualize the world, the life that you want to experience. Take a break from visualizing what you DON'T want to happen and instead direct your energy into creating a completely new reality. 3.AFFIRMATIONS: Use the affirmations in the graphic below and repeat the ones you need most at least 10x. And every time you feel triggered today and beyond.  4.GROUNDING: If you feel stuck in a loop with your thoughts, try this: visualize roots coming down from your root chakra (right below your tail bone), extending through your legs, out your feet, and all the way down into Mother Earth. Then see those roots “drinking up” a warm golden orange energy from the center of the Earth and sending it through your entire body until it reaches the top of your head. Sink into the nurturing presence of her supporting you and keeping you safe.  5.SELFCARE: Take some time for YOU today. Carve out a moment for a mini facial. Cleanse and use a exfoliating treatment like our AHA BHA Detoxifying Charcoal Mask. Leave it on while you are doing your breath work. Next, do your NuFACE microcurrent treatment or a facial massage, check out the some of my fav massage techniques with the link below. Follow with LED light therapy with Formula 28 Perfector. While you are LED'ing do your visualization. Visualize everything you WANT, including beautiful, healthy, glowing skin!

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