Don't slack on your SPF...

With fall in full swing and "winter" and the Holidays quickly approaching, we are decorating, cooking, spending more time indoors, and possibly already listening to Christmas music! (Hey, 2020 has been rough!) Often we associate wearing our SPF with long sunny beach days, time out on the lake, outdoor sports and activities, etc., but what's important to remember is that during the day, the sun is ALWAYS out. Those rays are ever present; coming through the clouds, reflecting off of ice and snow and creeping in through our home or car windows. This is a time when many people experience sneaky sunburns. But even if you don't see a pink or red "burn" on your skin, it doesn't mean damage was not done!

As you continue on with your cooler weather, or not so cooler weather, skincare routine, be sure to still apply your SPF. UltraViolet's newest arrival, SOLSCREEN SPF 30, is a perfect choice. SOLSCREEN is a physical, broad spectrum mineral sunscreen mousse that offers a sheer, weightless protection with great photo-protective performance. This light, foaming sunscreen dries virtually invisible on any complexion and it's available in a tinted and non-tinted formulation! As always, FREE of dyes, fragrances, oils and preservatives, and is Reef-friendly too.

So remember, during daytime hours, the sun is always out, even if you cannot see it. Be sure to keep SPF a regular part of your routine this fall and winter season!

As always, please do not hesitate to reach out with any questions. We are here to serve you and your skin! 619.787.1447


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