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For best results, develop a routine you love!

Homecare is the backbone to your skin's health and appearance. What you do in your "skin time", morning and night, day in and day out, is where you will see changes in your skin.

Here are a few tips and ideas to creating a skincare routine you truly love. You'll learn to look forward to this time as part of your overall wellness routine!

--Start off by keeping your morning routine products separate from your evening routine products. This will help keep the focus on using your routine regularly and keep things simplified.

-- Find a cute basket or pretty tray to store or display your products in or on. We know your products are an investment, show them off!

-- Create a fresh new vibe. If you keep your skin routine in a cabinet, purge anything you don't use anymore. If something is expired, throw it out. Rearrange your products in an easy-to-use, in order- of-use, line-up.

Developing a routine you truly love is all about incorporating the things you already love and do with your skincare routine each morning and night.

--Prep yourself with something pretty! There is just something about using a pretty headband or hair wrap to tie back your hair. It will keep your hair out of your face for easy cleansing and product application and make you smile each time you put it on.

--If you have a morning coffee routine that you love, I'm sure you really look forward to that. Add your skincare routine into that. Make your coffee, then sip away as you work your way through your skincare routine.

--Same goes for evening. If you have a night time tea routine, it probably signals you to start unwinding from your day and helps your body get ready for a restful sleep. Sip your tea while you work your way through your skincare routine.

Last, but certainly not least, introducing a new facial device is another great way to jazz up your routine a bit to get you looking forward to your "skin time". Marci loves the NIONbeauty facial cleansing device which uses ultrasonic and negative ions to deeply cleanse the skin. When the skin is cleansed properly, it can absorb product easier which delivers product ingredients deeper into the skin.

Skin fitness, as Marci refers to it, will also get you noticing results in your skin faster which will in turn get you excited about your skincare routine. It's like when we work out and eat more healthy foods, we see more results and we're encouraged to keep at it! Marci recommends NuFACE and LightStim LED devices for aging skin or acneic skin and are the perfect facial devices to incorporate into your routine. You can read about them and purchase them on our website

We look forward to hearing about the new routine you create as well as the results you see from using your homecare products morning and night. If you have any questions about your current skincare product routine or if you want to incorporate something new, reach out! You can call or text anytime 619.787.1447 We can also help you get set-up on a new routine incorporating one of Marci's recommended skin fitness devices.

Here's to a new routine you love!


UltraViolet Skincare

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