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"Mask-ne" is real.

Updated: Dec 19, 2021

Mask-induced acne is a real thing. Excess moisture from breathing under the mask can cause the pH level of the skin to be unbalanced. Creating a perfect breeding ground for acne, candida (yeast), skin irritations and rosacea flare ups. Be sure to follow these simple steps to reduce and minimize your risk of mask related breakouts:


Never wear a dirty mask. If you wore it once, toss it. Swap out your used disposable mask for a clean one each day.or keep several clean reusable masks on rotation. To reduce the waste of using disposable masks, clean re-usable masks are the best option. Utilize the wire across the bridge of the nose. If your mask doesn’t have a wire, make a small incision and slide in a little twist tie from the grocery store. Or any small wire. Perfectly bend and mold it until you get a nice tenting of the mask from the face. This will help reduce irritation and acne.


Cleanse your skin thoroughly in the morning before wearing your mask and again when you are done wearing it for the day. If you need to wear your mask over a long extended period, during a work day for example, try to cleanse the area mid-day and follow with a lightweight moisturizer like our Liposome Hydrogel. This soothing oil free moisturizer helps to keep the skin clear; with a gentle, non-irritating, purified form of Tea Tree oil.


Avoid using thick or occlusive moisturizers on your skin under your mask. Save your heavier moisturizing products for your nighttime routine. This is also a perfect time to skip makeup. Wearing makeup with your mask is asking for trouble. So accentuate your eyes but skip the foundation. Combining makeup under the mask, with the hot air you’re breathing is a breeding ground for bacteria and acne.


Do not forget to exfoliate regularly. This will help clean your pores and keep them clear. We recommend exfoliating weekly with either our Triple Action Exfoliator or our AHA BHA Detoxifying Charcoal Polishing Mask.

Use a Retinol every night. Our Phyto Retinol is a perfect option, even for the most sensitive skin. This will encourage new cells to turn over faster and help keep the smooth and blemish free. Bonus; it helps with wrinkles and helps fade the scarring caused by persistent breakouts.

If you are experiencing mask-ne, or any less than desirable changes in your skin, please reach out to us so that we can re-evaluate your homecare regimen.

Here is to Mask-ne-Free skin!


UltraViolet Skincare

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