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This holiday looks different in many ways but one thing remains the same; we want glowing, healthy skin while we are on that Zoom call! But seriously, it really is all about self care and doing everything we can to look and feel our best. When we look good, we feel good. When we put in the effort and show up for ourselves, the boost it gives us is priceless. So this Christmas give yourself the gift of beautiful healthy skin with this skincare ritual. Light a candle, play some music and pour a glass of champagne, it is time to celebrate YOU! Your glowing skin awaits...

“Show up for yourself everyday; make your pursuit of beauty and wellness a unique and powerful journey ". - Marci Malbrough -

01 EXFOLIATE After, cleansing your skin slough off the dead skin cells that are making your skin look dull and not its best. Exfoliating not only helps your skin glow, it helps your skincare products absorb better, it's a win win! Use either our AHA BHA Detoxifying Charcoal Mask or our Triple Action Exfoliator to give your skin a mini peel and give your skin the boost it needs.

02 EXERCISE Your skin that is! Give yourself a microcurrent treatment. Firm, tone and wake up your skin with a little skin fitness. You can do a quick 5 minute face lift or a more intensive treatment, either way your skin will thank you for it. Microcurrent stimulates blood flow similar to exercise; oxygenating and stimulating the muscles for a more youthful radiant look. Pro tip: Blend 1 pump of Formula 28 Perfector and Pro Definition on under your primer gel. Microcurrent pushes any product that is on the skin deeper into skin for more dramatic long lasting results.

If you don't have NuFACE, check out my Gua Sha massage on Instagram to stimulate and firm the skin.

03 LED BABY Leave on the products that you layered on for your microcurrent treatment and use your LightStim LED. This will further push these nutrients into the skin for even better results. Beauty comes from the inside out, so nourish your skin from within. LED turns light energy into cell energy, similar to how plants absorb the sun. This deeply energizes the skin; stimulating collagen production, reducing inflammation, oxygenating and healing the skin. The perfect way to glow up!

04 C - TIME Top off your GLOW with Vitamin C. Not only will this immediately boost radiance, it prevents free radicals from attacking the skin. Free radicals are everywhere and damaging healthy cells daily. This attack can come from the environment, sun, food we eat, sugar and alcohol. Yep, sorry those holiday indulgences can be aging your skin. But before you skip out on the occasional treat or cocktail, remember it is all about balance. Flood the skin with antioxidants from C3+E Cell Protecting Complex and enjoy! Pro tip: Make your own skincare cocktail by mixing 1 pimp of C3+E and 1 pump of Antiox18 for a complete blanket of antioxidant protection.

05 CENTER STAGE For that final glow and to put your beautiful skin center stage finish with Lipid Drench. Customize your skincare routine by adding luxurious moisture where you need it most. Use it on the drier areas of your skin; on the neck and décolleté, pat around the eyes, and for a show stopping glow apply to the top of your cheekbones. Pro tip: Add a 1/2 - 1 pump into your moisturizer OR try adding it to your foundation for a luminous finish.

06 SPF PS: Don't forget your sunscreen! Rain or shine, inside or outside; protect that investment baby!

07 GRATITUDE RANT Enjoy the day! It may be different this year but that's ok. Write down or say out loud 5 things you are grateful for; you can write down more but try and think of at least 5. Here is a start: You are healthy and have been given the gift of life. Wishing you health, happiness and joy this holiday season. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year

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